Cats groom themselves right?  
Well if by groom, you mean cover their body in saliva and swallow their own hair, then yes! Unfortunately, their saliva does not contain any magical enzymes, shampoo, a comb, or nail clipper. So cats often suffer from matted coats, dandruff, grease and oils, litterbox odor and leavings, long sharp claws, fleas, hairballs,and shedding hair EVERYWHERE. We want to help your cat and you!
How can grooming help my cat?
  • Reduces hairballs because of reduced shedding
  • Reduce shedding from a real wet bath and hand blow dry ( no leaving your cat behind a fan or heat dryer for hours in a kennel to dry here!)
  • No more mats and tangles with regular maintenance- you wouldn't let your own hair tangle all year and shave it off annually would you?
  • Remove pelted, painful matting
  • Clean and remoisturize skin and coat, reducing dandruff and dander
  • Keep him cool and comfortable with a lion trim or plush cut
  • Never again battle him to comb out shed hair or dangerously cut out mats with scissors
  • Keep sharp claws from growing into pads,or cutting into furniture or skin

But my cat HATES water! Why would you bathe him?!

  • All animals, if not introduced to bathing and grooming at a young age, are fearful of the new experience. With time and gentle handling, they can come to accept and even enjoy that which is unfamiliar to them
  • If your cat shows signs of stress, fear, and will not relax, rest assured we will stop immediately
  • One way to calm the most aggressive cat is to put him in the tub and gentle soak his feet and belly. Oddly enough, this can take them out of fight mode and calm them!
  • Sometimes cats do have a 10-20 second mini freakout when we first turn on the water and apply it to them. We let them work through this fear, realize they are not in danger, and MOST cats calm and relax under the warm water and the massage while soaping.
  • Show cats are bathed sometimes weekly, your cat is really no different, except he is the champion of your home,not the show ring. Bathing in cat safe shampoos will not dry out skin and coat, in fact, it can dramatically improve coat condition! See photos for examples
  • Most groomers in the Twin Cities do a dry bath, wiping them with a wet towel or putting powder in their hair and brushing it out. This would be unacceptable for dogs or humans, so why do cats get shortchanged? Real water baths with soap are the ONLY way to degrease and clean a cat, just like a dog or human.
  • Training and knowledge is everything, there is an art to calmly and safely bathing a cat..
  • Wet bathing removes grease,oil, litter, feces,fleas, dandruff, and dirt. Dry bathing or just shaving the coat off can't do any of these things