A Curated Collection of Products for Cat Lovers

Grooming Products

Tested in our salon for quality - we sell what we use in our top rated cat spa.

We won't sell you any grooming tool that isn't useful for your cat's coat type! Consultations are free!


We have a huge selection of combs! The proper way to maintain a cat's coat is by combing, not brushing. 

  • Comfort combs with rotating pins for easier combing
  • Padded handle combs
  • Both handle and traditional combs in multiple sizes to fit cat and owner
  • High quality fine tooth combs for heads, legs, persians, and short hair deshedding
  • Deshedding style combs
  • Safe dematting tools

Nail Trimmers

  • Sized for cats
  • Sharp, professional quality
  • Nails should be clipped every 4 to 8 weeks

Shampoos, Conditioners, and Brushing Sprays

Want results like you get when we shampoo your cat? Use the same products we do!

  • Small bottles of professional quality products
  • Always cat safe ingredients
  • Our calming lavendar spa collection is wildly popular!
  • Brushout sprays make combing easier, add moisture to coat and skin, cut static, and reduce matting

Treats, rewards and Toys

Healthy Treats and Toys you won't find elsewhere

Featuring Inaba tube Treats- "Kitty Crack"- one our our best sellers- grain free, highly palatable, great for training!

We also carry, toys, catnip toys, and interactive games for cats