Cat Grooming Options and Info

In our salon in Richfield, we offer services as packages and ala carte. We go at the cat's pace to ensure a positive experience, usually a 2.5-3 hour stay.  Rush services where we only work on your cat with no interruptions (60 min stay) are available for an extra fee with prior arrangement.
Our salon has never, and will never have a dog in it, reducing fear and stress during your cat's groom. Our feline grooming equipment is designed with cat behavior and well being in mind. We approach each cat as an individual and holistically, keeping the cats perspective in mind to successfully groom even difficult kitties. We reserve the right to stop any groom that we feel will harm a cat physically or emotionally. Please be aware that not all cats are good candidates for being groomed while awake, or for every trim style we offer. 
See video below for styles and add-ons we offer at The Cat's Meow by our professionally trained groomers. Matted and tangled coats take more time to remove and are priced accordingly. Most clients find our prices affordable and competitive. You can find cheaper grooming, but not higher quality grooming! Please call to discuss your cat's needs and get a price quote. Pricing  for bath or haircut services starts at $102- $180. This reflects the quality of our services and that most cats need two groomers handling them for a low stress visit.

 We require:

  • Rabies vaccine paperwork with current date. No tags, expired papers, handwritten papers, or verbal assurances for rabies vaccine will be accepted.
  • Please bring your cat in a carrier with a top opening. We prefer to start the groom off right by picking up your cat, vs dragging it out of a front opening carrier, or perhaps being bitten reaching in. Read our blog about why.
  • Grooming cats must visit us every 6 months to remain on our client list. Infrequent or yearly grooming is generally a highly negative experience for the cat. We want to form a relationship with your cat, and have it be used to visiting our salon. The more cats visit a groomer, the less stressful the visits are. Please see our video for more explanation of this requirement. 

Services We Offer:

Grooming Options:

All packages include nails clipped, ears cleaned, bath, blow dry, comb-out, and sanitary clip. 

Pricing  for bath or haircut services starts at $102- $173. This reflects the quality of our services and that most cats need two groomers handling them for a low stress visit.

  • Long Haired Cat Bath Package
  • Short Haired Cat Bath Package
  • Persian/Himi/Maine Coon/Super Longhair Bath Package
  • Lion Trim and Bath Package
    •  Bath, plus a short all over shave on the body. Mane and tail style is owners preference.
  • Plush Lion Trim and Bath Package
    • Bath, de-shed treatment, and plushy lion trim at lengths of 1/8- 3/4 inch long. Length, mane, and tail is owner preference. Cat cannot have mats to get this service.
  • Body Contour Trim and Bath Package
    • Above bath, plus a natural looking  trim that removes long shaggy hair on rear, belly, mane, sides and sometimes tail to neaten overall appearance. 
  • Lion Trim without Bath
    • This includes short shave on the body only, and nails clipped. 

Add On Grooming Options:

Nail trim

Claw covers or Nails caps

Belly shave

Dematting or Mat removal

Mane trimming

Rear leg trimming

Belly Shave

Sanitary trim

Calming Lavender Spa bath

Deshedding treatment added to bath package

Teeth cleaning with PlaqClnz system

Aromatherapy facial

Toe tuft trim

Anal Gland expression

Medicated bathing

Korean hypoallergenic shampoo spa add on

 Cats require special care and attention. Stress is bad for the cat and the groomer. Not many groomers will attempt cats, but here at The Cat's Meow, we love kitties and have groomed thousands. We routinely groom 100 to 175 cats per week in our salon and have been open since 2014. Jennifer is a certified Master Groomer, and has taken hands on training at the National Cat Groomers Institute and The Professional Cat Groomers Association of America in safe holding techniques, haircut styles, behavior, and stress reduction while grooming cats. She and her staff are the experts on cat grooming in the Twin Cities area. Our groomers are certified in low stress handling. A calm, quiet environment, cat behavior focused handling, and an open mind with calm energy help us complete our tasks. 

We successfully grooms the cats other refuse, or those that have been sedated previously at the vet. We will attempt to groom any cat. While having the skill to groom difficult or aggressive cats, we also draw a line when it comes to physically or emotionally harming a cat during grooming. We also have certain grooms we cannot perform on older cats with thin skin. Remember that thrashing, swatting, wildly moving cats, and sharp clippers do not mix well. We simply will not groom a cat in a style that will possibly harm them, so be aware of this before you book. We want to please our customers, but humanity comes before vanity.

Experience and professional training in cat grooming allows our groomers to safely and positively complete the cats others cannot. Experience also allows us to know when to stop the groom.  Also, the cats know when the groomer enjoys grooming them and respects them. Understanding feline behavior and body language helps cats feel safer and more calm. A holistic approach to cat grooming means a safe environment, non toxic shampoos, and viewing the cats as individuals , tailoring the process to their needs. 
Expect short stays, and straight through grooms are available for an additional fee. We have a wide variety of appointment times available, including evening and Saturday appointments.
We only use cat safe shampoos and products, and never restrain them except with our hands (cats should never be put in a grooming "noose"), and all equipment and tools are fully disinfected between each cat.

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