Welcome New clients!

We are not taking new grooming clients at this time. Please check back in a month or two and this form will say grooming and boarding. 7.21.22

All new boarding clients must submit this form. We will call within 1-3 business days to book your boarding stay and get a credit card to hold it.

Requirements for our grooming customers:

  • We require a consultation for all grooming clients which costs $45 and includes nails trimmed, sanitary shave and a check for coat condition all over the body. If your cat cannot handle nails or sanitary trim, the charge is the same. It takes 15-20 minutes. We do not offer any other services during your initial consult. 
  • Grooming consultations evaluate your cat for what services they can handle and we will book a full grooming service- meeting you and your cats' needs -after this visit is completed. Please be aware we stay 1 to 2 months booked out for full grooming services. 
  • We do not offer weekend grooming or appointments after 4 pm. 
  • All grooming clients must visit us every 6 months or less to remain clients at our salon. See why here.
  • Not all cats are candidates for all grooming styles and services, and some cannot be groomed at all. We reserve the right to stop the service at anytime for your cats/our staffs safety. In some cases we may recommend a prescription medication from your vet for future services. 
  • Cancelling a consultation within 48 hours of the appointment incurs a $45 fee to your credit card. 
  • This form must be filled out in full for all new clients.